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How to enjoy the winter to the fullest?

Sometimes we love winter sometimes we hate it, that’s because the season of winter has some unique and peculiar qualities that make the season so exciting and dreamlike on one hand and, paradoxically, so boring on the other.

Winters come with an unmatched charm and a look from the outside makes one think ‘perhaps, this is the best of all seasons.’ But, undoubtedly, there is a negative aspect to the season as well, and through this blog I’m going to show you how to mitigate the negativity that raises it head in winter.

The winter has its fun factor that no one can deny; there are things that you can only enjoy in winters and no other season, like skiing, ice skating, building a snowman in your backyard, or throwing snowballs at one another are some of the activities that everyone loves to indulge in this lovely season.

But, some of do get depressed and bored due to prolonged stay of winters at times.

Here is a list of ten amazing activities that you could get involved in to live the winter season to the fullest.

1)  Warm Up & Keep Away Laziness

This is first and foremost thing to be done in winter. People not keeping themselves warm enough and their joints and body sufficiently moving is one of the main reasons they fall lazy, suffer depression and feel sad in winters.

So, warm yourself up! Don’t give up your gym, work outs, pull ups and pushups just because you don’t feel like doing it. A strong winter can make you lazy and sluggish, and most people let the laziness overpower them; this is where the problem begins.

Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of laziness, and, if possible double the time of your work out, or hours you spend in the gym. Laziness hinders true enjoyment of winter season, by keeping warm you will surely be able to see and taste the beauty of winter.

2)  Have A Lot Of Coffee

If you enjoy having coffee why not have it more often in the winter? The good thing about the winter season is that it allows you much more intake of coffee than would be suitable in any other season, say, summer for example.

Too much of coffee in summers can seriously affect your skin with pimples or acne, and can cause a hundred different problems, that’s why coffee is not a summer drink, and juices and light drinks are more suited to summers.

However, coffee is a very good source of keeping you warm and ‘alive’ during winters, and gives you energy boost that is most needed in the season. 

So, walk to the kitchen and brew up a cup of hot coffee for yourself now!

3)  Cuddle Up In Your Blanket

Yes, this is a must if you want to fully enjoy winters. Take out your best blankets from the basement or wherever you store them, tuck yourself under them while in bed at night. A lot of people feel too lazy to pull out their favorite blankets, or buy them if they don’t have one, and double fold the same light blankets or sheets as they use in summers.

This is not good! You should have a blanket of your own which is made simply for you. Another habit to adopt in winters is going to bed early, particularly, if you have to go to office the next day, so that you get a proper amount of sleep which is so necessary and desired in winters.

4)  Read Whatever You Like

Reading is not particularly for winters obviously, but the pleasure of reading gets truly enhanced in winters. You may read anything you like, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, romantic, funny, horror, or science fiction, just anything.

But! Be careful reading tragic and sad stories in winter may aggravate or trigger sadness in you, therefore, light humor is recommended for winter.

So, pick a good comic book series, if you like, sit snugly in a cozy corner and feast on it.

Or, maybe, grab a history book, if you’re a history lover, and get started with it. Perhaps, something on the world war would be good. What do you say?

5)  Watch Your Favorite Shows

Watching television is also a good leisure activity in winters. But, don’t spend too much of your time in front of the television, and, above all, don’t just watch anything!

Again taking in tragic, sad, or violent movies can affect your psychological mood and mental state very easily in winters, therefore, beware of it.

Why not watch a late night show or some funny Mr. Bean episode, perhaps? Or, watch a romantic movie, something like Titanic, or some recent superhit on HBO or Netflix series?

6)  Go For A Morning Walk

No matter which season it is morning walks are always healthy and for all seasons and times. However, a morning walk in winter feels far more surreal than it is in summers.

Decked out in your favorite tracksuit, fully padded and safeguarded against the cold winter morning breezes, go out for a long, and perhaps, a bit grueling walk; the idea is to enjoy as well as exert yourself in winter.  

See the lovely snow-capped trees, the sun, the birds, and whatever is there in your sight and allow yourself to be one with nature totally.

7)  Spend Time With Family And Friends

One thing that often happens to people in winters is that they become secluded and isolated, if not physically then surely psychologically. And, if you give in to the feeling of isolation that comes so natural to the season of winter, you’ll go only go down and down mentally.

The best remedy is to spend time with your family and friends as much as possible, talk with them, chat with them, hang out with them and don’t let the isolation take over your mind, and, consequently, body.

Stay with your children, your wife, husband, parents, and loved ones and enjoy your winter together with them.

8)  Go Out For A Dinner

If you love good food then winter is the perfect season for you. The season of winter brings a good and ample amount of food appetite with it. Most people feel that they are able to eat much more in winters than they are in summers and that their munching habits get too much out of hand during winters.

Well, this is the season of feast, and, there’s no harm in eating snacks in winter as long as you’re able to work out, jog, or run, and not just eat and sit idly before the TV.

So, eat well, eat healthy, take your family out for dinner, lunch, etc. But remember, with the increase in calories intake the work-out time must increase proportionally. Or, the whole food thing will backfire.

9)  Buy Some Cool Jackets This Winter

If you love wearing winter coats and jackets – who doesn’t? – don’t delay your decision to buy yourself a lovely warm leather jacket this winter. Many people simply procrastinate and putt off the things that give them happiness, and don’t realize it’s a trick of the mind to keep happiness away from them.

Don’t say NO to your heart. If you saw a lovely jacket on television, a celebrity outfit, winter men jackets, women coats, or, perhaps, something that your favorite actor or actress has worn in some movie, and you want to deck out in it too, why don’t buy it? What’s stopping you from being happy?

If you can’t go to the store, then there are a hundred options available on the internet. You could simply order your desired outfit online, and get it delivered at your home.

From leather and velvet, to denim and cotton order whatever material you love most.  

10)   Donate to people in need

While you’re enjoying the winter with your family and loved ones do keep in mind the people who find it hard to sustain themselves in the freezing temperatures and can’t afford to have as comfortable a winter as you may afford.

We have all heard the phrase ‘Sharing is caring’ right? Get yourself accustomed to the habit of ‘giving’ this winter, and share with the people in need as much as you can.

And, not just share coldly in plain monetary terms, but give them, whatever you’re giving, with your heart, soul and a positive vibe, so they get a feel that there are people in this self-centered world who really care and feel for hopeless and needy.

Enjoy The Winter!

The winter is here and it’s up to whether you make the most of this beautiful season, or, simply let the winter anxiety and depression take over you. If you follow the steps and indulge in the above activities I can very well guarantee that this is going to be the best winter of your life.

Just list down all the activities in your diary, (you may add many more to the above list like, ice fishing, building an igloo, etc.) make up a realistic schedule, and buckle up for an awesome winter ahead. 

The winter is here and it’s up to whether you make the most of this beautiful season, or, simply let the winter anxiety and depression take over you. If you follow the steps and indulge in the above activities I can very well guarantee that this is going to be the best winter of your life.

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